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At Blue Sage Spa, we pride ourselves on hiring the most  highly skilled and experienced massage therapists in the Rocky Mountains.  We offer a wide variety of massage styles, from Swedish massage to Pregnancy Massage.
  • 30 minutes | $60
  • 60 minutes | $105
  • 90 minutes | $150

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30 minutes | $65
  • 60 minutes | $115
  • 90 minutes | $165
We offer a number of specialty massages including, Hot Stone Therapy, Couples Massage, Ashiatsu Therapy, Hot Stone Sinus Treatments and Aromatherapy add-ons.

Specialty Massage Menu


Body Bliss Aroma Design Bar

  • Customize the perfect blend for you. Personalize your massage with intentional aromatherapy.  $15 
  • Take your aromatherapy experience home with an 8oz. Shea and Goat Milk Body Butter. $25

Couples Massage

Relax and unwind together in our unique couple's massage room. This intimate setting offers two massage tables, two therapists and one very relaxing atmosphere.

30 minutes $120 | 60 minutes $210 | 90 minutes $290

Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful choice for prenatal care. It reduces stress and promotes overall wellness. The expecting mother can relax face down on a pregnancy cushion which enables her to receive body work comfortably.

30 minutes $60 | 60 minutes $105 | 90 minutes $145

Hot Stone Therapy

An ancient treatment using hot and cold stones to create a state of deep relaxation and healing in the body. This therapeutic massage treats the whole body, mind and spirit.

60 minutes $125 | 90 minutes $175

*also available as a couples treatment

Ashiatsu Therapy

This therapy is a must try for the savvy spa goer. The flowing, smooth and continuous technique is perfect for the person with chronic back pain and scoliosis.
The technique is done with the therapist feet.

60 minutes $130 | 90 minutes $180

Chinese Sports Massage

Increased circulation and maximum mobility are the targets of this classic sports-style massage. Chinese muscle oil reduces pain on the surface while penetrating deeply to relieve sore aching muscles, tendons and ligaments. Great for over exertion and arthritic pain relief.

60 minutes $115 | 90 minutes $155

The Mountain High Massage

Cannabidiols (CBD’s) are the non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant used legally and safetly to relieve tension throughout the body. Soothe cramping, ease headaches, calm the digestive system, improve sleep and reach an incredible state of relaxation with the use of CBD oils and lotions. This is a great way to experience the healing effects of hemp without the high of marijuana.

60 minutes $125 | 90 minutes $165

Hot Stone Sinus Treatment

Hot and cool stones are used to deeply stimulate facial pressure points, aiding in the evacuation of blocked sinus passages and the reduction of sinus pressure

25 minutes $60

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glitterboologo300x120To make an appointment simply call: 970-453-7676 and our spa desk is eager to take your call.

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