IPL Photo Facial

IPL Photo Facial


Our skin ages due to sun exposure and decreased production of collagen. Blue Sage Spa uses the Ellipse laser to treat sun-damaged skin and make your skin look smoother by removing age spots,other  uneven pigmentation and diffuse redness. Facial treatments are most popular, but all parts of the body can  be treated. A 15 minute pretreatment consultation is included in the 45 minute service. You could see an improvement after the first treatment, but up to 3 treatments may be required to achieve the full effect.
After treatment, you should avoid sun exposure, even if there is no sign of  inflammation in the treated area. Use sun protection (minimum SPF 30)  if sun exposure cannot be avoided. A few days following your treatment  you may notice your skin is flecked with dark spots or appears"dirty".
Within a week you will find that your  skin looks smoother, fresher and  more even toned. You might choose to have 1-2 annual maintenance  treatments in order to keep your youthful appearance.  Because of Ellipseā€™s advanced technology there is little discomfort.

Photo Facial Pricing

Face 45 Minutes $300

Neck 30 Minutes $140

Declote 30 Minutes $140

Hands 15 Minutes $95

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