I really wanted to give this place four and a half stars, but that’s not an option. The only part of the experience that was lacking was the busy downtown location right on main street.  If I had stepped out of or into a side street it would have been perfect.

Once you’re inside though the waiting area is nice and understated. I went for the Ashiatsu massage. I heard about it before and it’s not easy to come by. For those who like Deep Tissue this is even better. The amount of pressure available to the therapist is so much better and they still can apply light pressure where needed.  They can also apply more lubricant without losing targeted control of any knots/adhesions they find, so it’s the best of both worlds (all the smoothness of Swedish with the pressure of Deep Tissue).  It was relaxing and Erika described the process thoroughly beforehand.


Sandra L.

I truly am not one to leave a review. But Blue Sage Spa is amazing. I went here while my husband went snowboarding for the day. It was overall an awesome experience. you really get the TLC at Blue Sage Spa. I have to give a shout out to Amy for a great facial. I love the Eminence products. Thank you!